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COVID-19 Club Policy​

Huttcross events will only run if the Wellington region is in Alert Level 1.

Fundamentally, these are community events and we feel that the ethos of pandemic alert level changes are about keeping our community safe, which we respect.

Huttcross events are run by a small dedicated group of volunteers. We simply do not have the additional resource or manpower to operate with increased marshalling to ensure social distancing is obeyed or to separate races and extend the schedule further.

Cyclocross is inherently about rubbing shoulders and racing in a close contact environment. Huttcross events are held in public parks which offer open access to spectators and general public who want to enjoy the spectacle of the event and/or participate in their own recreation. This is all excellent for the sport but incredibly challenging for contact tracing.

A number of our club stalwarts who keep the cogs turning behind the scenes are involved with work in the health sector. Their own workload changes dramatically with pandemic alert level changes.

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